• 1911 Grip Actuated Lower Sear Lever


    The SI Grip Actuated Lower Sear leer offers the best of both worlds for Series 80 style 1911s. The redesigned sear lever replaces the trigger activated unit in the stock platform, drastically improving trigger feel while retaining the firing pin safety.  The sear lever is easy to install, though gunsmith installation and fitting is recommended.  


    Package includes:
    1x 1911 Grip Actuated Lower Sear Lever


    - For series 80 style 1911s
    - Eliminates trigger actuated lower sear lever to improve trigger feel
    - Grip Safety activated for security and peace of mind
    - Oversized for custom fit
    - Drop Safe

    Not compatible with Para Ordnance or 1911 grip safeties with the drop cut (e.g. Wilson Combat Bullet Proof model).