• 1911 PX-15 Slim Size - Pistol Grips (Non-textured, Semi-Gloss Black)


    Polymer Extreme 1911 Pistol Grips 
    Non-textured, Semi-Gloss Black 
    Model: PX-15
    Screw and Screw Bushing Compatibility 
    The SI Custom PX15 Grip is a non-textured, semi-gloss grip.  Designed to frame the 1911, this simple grip will highlight the look of the 1911 instead of taking attention away from it.  Perfect for shooters looking for a clean finish or those looking to custom engrave their own logo.  Its slim profile coupled with its smooth to the touch feel gives it a redefined take on this classic.

    Introducing our new line of SI Custom Slim Line Grips!  Made of SI’s PX Polymer, these grips are measured at 0.25” per panel, approximately .05” slimmer than standard SI 1911 Grips.  These grips were designed to improve handling and control while firing.  Strike Industries’ PX Polymer is made through SI’s patented molding process, pricing for the grips are competitive while attaining the same rigidity. 

    All Strike Industries PX Grips feature Ambi and bottom pin cutouts as well as thumb grooving for added comfort.

    Specifications (Based on the JIS K6911 standard)

    - Thickness: 0.25" (0.635cm)
    - Density: 1.42
    - Water Absorption: 0.3%
    - Molded Shrinkage: 0.7%-1.25%
    - Heat Resistance:(2hr/'C): 200'C
    - Impact Strength: 3.0-3.5 Kgf-cm/cm2
    - Flexible Strength: 9.5 Kgf/mm2
    - Tensile Strength: 5.6 Kgf/mm2
    - Compressive Strength: 22.0 Kgf/mm2
    - Isolation Resistance: 1x5^(8-9)Ω (ohm)
    - Breakdown Voltage: 11.0Kv/mm

    NOTE: SI PX™ Grips Fit 1911 Full Size (Government Size) Model 

    New PX™ .25" Slim Series