• 1911 Torx Grip Screws with TRUE 24K GOLD COATING

    Featuring the Strike Industries 1911 Torx Pistol Grip Screws and Bushings. This SI hardware not only provides a secure fasten for your 1911 grip, it also provides a finishing touch to the user's 1911 platform. These screws and bushings come in two versions: standard and slimline (see specs below) and are made of 100% stainless steel. Both items are fitted with Torx heads to not only ensure a secure fasten but also add a cosmetic dimension to the pistol. The SI 1911 screws and bushings will be available in several finishes; BLUE finish, Zinc, Chrome, and Gold-plated. Purchase your set while supplies last! - Torx Head��(Trox Driver T10 required) - Made of AISI 12L14 Steel, Heat Treated� - H:0.343� x W:0.150�-50 tpi x Head Diameter: 0.269�