The worldwide popularity of the "tealight" tub candle inspired us to create a lantern to make its use safe and convenient. The design of the Mini Candle Lantern does a superb job of utilizing a readily available candle and expanding its capabilities to include outdoor recreation and wider use around the home.

    Made to the same high standards as the Original Candle Lantern, the Mini Candle Lantern features aluminum construction, a glass chimney, and a unique candle holder that keeps the tealight candle stable. A specially designed vent in the base of the lantern provides cool air to supply the flame with needed oxygen. The UCO Mini Candle Lantern is ideal for ultralight hiking, bike touring, world travel, and makes home use of the ubiquitous tealight candle much more appealing.


     The Mini Candle Lantern: The brightest tealight lantern available.

    • Ideal for patios, cabins, or for emergency lighting at home.
    • Simple, lightweight, durable, aluminum construction.
    • Glass chimney and carrying handle/hanging bail.
    • Tealight candle holder with a twist-lock base.
    • Specially designed vent in base provides air supply.
    • Tealight candles are widely available and economical.
    • Compatible with Leave No Trace ethics.
    • Dimensions: 4″ high x 2.25″ diameter (10 cm x 6 cm)
    • Weight (w/ candle): 3.5 oz. (99 g)
    • Candle: Tealight candle with 3-4 hour burn time