• SI Shock Buffer for Glock


    The SI GSB is a polyester based thermoplastic polyurethane barrier that is uniquely designed to absorb recoil. The GSB was designed to increase durability between the areas of the metal slide and polymer frame while also decrease the amount of overall wear. The GSB is compatible with several models of Glock™ and comes in two degrees of hardness for the user’s desire comfort level of recoil relief. The relief gained will also decrease the shock to your hands which prevents muscle fatigue and allows for more control for the next shot. It is engineered with a retaining design to ensure buffer will be secured on the slide and has added extra cushion knobs for extra buffer.

    Product Spec:

    • Length ¾”
    • Weight: 0.1oz
    • Materials polyester based thermoplastic polyurethane
    • Color: Smoke, Red
    • Caliber Size: For Glock 17, 17L, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 24C, 31, 32, 37. Not for Gen4 


    Package include:

    • 1 x Smoke Shock 95 degree buffer
    • 1 x Red Shock 115 degree buffer



    • Softer recoil
    • Longer lifespan between metal slide and polymer frame
    • Decrease of shock to hands which prevents muscle fatigue
    • Increased control for precision
    • Two options for buffer shock relief
    • Maximized surface to absorb impact
    • Uniquely designed cushion knobs for extra buffer

    Note: Will NOT fit Gen 4 Glocks™

    Glock™ is a trademark of Glock™ Inc.