• Slide Plate for Glock V1 - Black


    The Strike Industries Slide Cover Plate for GLOCK is perfect for those who are looking for an aesthetic and functional upgrade to their GLOCK pistols. The SI Slide Cover Plate for GLOCK allows for tool-less disassembly of the firing pin and extractor using a (patent-pending) push-button design for greater ease of maintenance. Machined from aircraft grade aluminum and anodized, the SI Slide Cover Plate is significantly more durable than the factory plastic slide plate.

    Package Includes:
    1X Slide Plate for GLOCK
    1X Slide Cover Plate Button

    Push-button design (Patent Pending)
    Tool less disassembly of GLOCK slide
    Fits GLOCK models 17-39
    Customize color match on Cover Plate and Cover Plate Button
    NOT FOR G42/43